To create an innovative wireless solution for reducing their customer’s manpower. To improve customer’s client satisfaction and improve customer’s resource optimization.


    To achieve the market leadership through excellence, innovation, and Research & Development (R&D) powered by the care value audience appeal and technology engine of their Radio Frequency Wireless Technology System product. To build an efficient and effective culture, that it will stand up to the rigor the business and the business will become sustainable in the long term. To offer Radio Frequency Wireless Technology System at the reasonable price while lead the company to socially conscious business. To provide excellent and great after-sales and the in-sales service to their customers.

GENTECH | About Us

About Us

Our company was established in the year 2019. We had more than 10 years experiences in the Radio Frequency Wireless Technology System industry and our employees had more than 5 years experiences in service, handle, distribute and maintenance the product of Radio Frequency Wireless Technology System to more than 330 customers in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. Our customers range consist of hospitals, hotels, casinos, factories, old folk homes, restaurants, beauty center and healthcare center.

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